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Technical Pack

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The effects of a prolonged power outage may lead to a number of problems in a household. No light, no refrigerator or deep-freezer, and no way to cook your meals! We have put together our Technical Pack for precisely such cases so that you can rely on supplies even without electric power. Note: Hot water is required also for preparing our dehydrated foods. Contents: 2 x Micropur MT 10 water sterilization tablets for 2 x 400 L, Optimus Terra Cook Set, 2 pots with pan, Optimus Spork, all-in-one titanium spoon and fork, Optimus Hiker+ multifuel stove, Multifunctional travel dynamo (including torch and radio), 2 x glow sticks, Long-burning candles (burn for 120 hours), 2 x collapsible 20 L canisters (food grade). Please note that our Emergency Food packs are currently not available in the United States and in Canada.

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