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Pre-filters 6 x 30 micron - standard

US$ 125.00 Item # 8013322  -  Item is available.

Set of 6 polyester prefilters for your Katadyn desalinator. Maintaining a healthy watermaker largely involves taking proper care of the prefilter assembly and seawater intake plumbing. Failure to do so is the most common cause of the two most frequent types of water maker “failure” we hear about: (1) producing diminished or no freshwater output, or 2) producing “bad-smelling” product freshwater. Warning: If you purchase after-market filter elements, be certain they are made from polyester fibers. In particular, be wary of elements made of paper materials. They look very similar, but are designed for use with other types of water purification systems and are harmful to the membranes and high pressure pumps used in reverse osmosis watermakers. Be certain you purchase only polyester filters of 30-micron (or finer) size. FREE SHIPPING ON U.S. DOMESTIC ORDERS $30.00 OR MORE.

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