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Water Pack

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Water is vital for life – humans can only survive for a few days without water. So a reliable supply of drinking water must always be part of our preparations to handle a crisis. Water supply disruptions may occur unexpectedly, and even if there is water, it may be contaminated. We need pure water not only for drinking, but also for preparing our meals and for washing. The Katadyn Combi ceramic filter included in this pack enables water contaminated by microorganisms to be immediately transformed into pure drinking water without requiring any boiling or chemical additives. The Micropur Classic sterilization tablets also included are ideal for preserving drinking water over a period of six months. Contents: Katadyn Combi Plus ceramic water filter with faucet connection, Micropur MT 10 (water disinfection for 400 L), 3 x collapsible 20 L canisters (food grade). Please note that our Emergency Food packs are currently not available in the United States and in Canada.

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